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  • Skills are enhanced in leadership, public speaking, communication, teamwork and report writing.
  • The significance of high school math and science is realized as young women learn about the critical role of work in their lives. 
  • Sponsors have the opportunity to hire from a larger and more diverse base.
  • Techsploration is a catalyst for ongoing community partnerships between teachers, parents, elders, role models, governments, industry, unions and professional associations.

But we do much more than that! Techsploration provides information. Information is empowering and absolutely changes lives.

Click here to read about how Techsploration influenced Rebecca White to become a successful engineer. 


“Given the demands we’re going to see for skilled workers over the next five or ten years – a gap of 400 000 people by 2018 – we can’t afford to ignore half the population. Techsploration directly addresses this problem. We’ve had incredibly positive experiences with the program from its inception, including wonderful visits from young women who are genuinely excited and enthused to learn about what people do within their workplaces. We’ve also seen the direct success of Techsploration as young women, who have been through the program, enter occupations they wouldn’t have otherwise heard about. To hear them talk about what a positive impact Techsploration has had on their lives and to see the program expand into more and more schools is very gratifying.”

Adrian Morrison, V.P., Black & McDonald Limited


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