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Casting Call: Techsploration Participation Request for Parental Impact Video


Techsploration is looking for your help! We are producing a new video with Firefly Productions on Parental Impact — as it relates to how parental messaging can either encourage or possibly discourage career paths in science, engineering, trades, and technology. We are looking for approximately 10-15 women with diverse backgrounds and life experiences who have had either positive or less-than-positive career advice from parental figures. Were you encouraged to be an astronaut or told that girls can’t be firefighters? How did that impact your career path? We want to hear your story!

If you’re interested and able to volunteer 1-hour of studio time in July (date to be determined) to share your story, please let us know! Contact Margaret Davidson, Program Coordinator for Techsploration, at margaret.davidson@techsploration.ca should you have any questions or should you wish to confirm your interest.

Many thanks!

The Techsploration Team