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2013 Alumnae Conference

Friday, October 18, was the Techsplorer Alumnae Conference; an annual one-day event for young women in grades 10 through 12 who participated in the program while in grade nine. This event provides an opportunity to meet even more women working in exciting, challenging, and in-demand science, trades and technology careers.

This year, we changed it up; a different location, a new program, and many more hands-on activities.

Alumnae have provided us with their feedback and ideas about the conference. We’ve been listening and we’ve made a lot of changes to make it an even better experience.

“Each year, the conference will rotate between the NSCC Waterfront and Akerley campuses to provide alumnae an opportunity to try out a wide selection of career options.” says Natasha Wall, Techsploration Program Coordinator. “This is our first year at the Waterfront Campus; alumnae will have the opportunity to both see a new location and experiment in new workshops.”

Additionally, we changed the program agenda. Students had the opportunity to explore the campus by participating in a campus wide scavenger hunt and spent twice as much time participating in applied workshops where they actually tried out tasks from a variety of careers.

This year, 120 conference attendees from across the province took part in an NSCC scavenger hunt to learn about the programs available at the Waterfront Campus, then a round robin with an additional 12-14 role models working in careers such as power engineering, app development, and investigations at the coroner’s office. They also each participated in two of a possible 16 interactive workshops in areas such as carpentry, electronics, or civil engineering.

For more information about conference details, please contact Donna Woolley, Administrative Coordinator, at 902-491-4693.