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2013 Scholarship Winner

The 2013 Saint Mary’s University and Techsploration Science Award, a $2,000 scholarship renewable on an annual basis, has been presented to Samantha Brown.

Joining Prince Arthur Junior High School’s Techsploration team in grade eight, Samantha continued the program as a senior at Dartmouth High School, attending Alumnae Conferences and continuing to learn about different careers in science, trades and technology.

“[Techsploration] absolutely benefitted me in the long run because my eyes were opened to possibilities I never knew existed,” Samantha remembers. “Nearly every single role model at the conferences had a unique story; they explained their careers as if it were an adventure and not just an income.

Using her high school years to learn about the different fields of science, Samantha decided a career working in research or medicine would suit her best. Although realizing that she did not need to know what she wanted to do with her life in her teens, she used the time to explore and look for interests that would lead her to a job she loved. She plans on experimenting further in university to find her niche.

Starting the Bachelor of Science program in September 2013 at Saint Mary’s University, Samantha continues, “I love a sense of belonging, which is why I chose Saint Mary’s University. During my tour I saw familiar faces on campus, heard how my professors will know me by name and the classrooms will be interactive. The sense of community on campus and being able to stay close to home makes Saint Mary’s University a perfect fit for me.”

A well-rounded student, Samantha has learned to balance school with work and still find time to have fun with her friends and family. A member of her Dartmouth High School’s rugby team, the Eco-Club, the Peer Mentoring Program and the Multicultural Club, she additionally volunteers her time to her church, the Relay for Life, and a local soup kitchen through the Duke of Edinburgh program. All the while, she maintains a part-time job as a cashier at The Shoe Company.

“Samantha has a mature attitude towards her studies and strives for nothing but excellence. Her potential has been highlighted by her exceptional academic record and significant involvement with a wide range of school and community activities,” says Jennifer Adams, Guidance Counsellor at Dartmouth High School. “She eagerly embraces new challenges, shows a willingness to learn, and is a self-confident young woman with a positive attitude and a tremendous work ethic.”

Congratulations Samantha! Techsploration is proud of you and your accomplishments and wishes you the best in your studies this fall.