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A Thank You Letter to our Fearless Founder, Tricia Robertson

Dear Tricia,

Today we celebrate International Women’s Day, an event that celebrates the social, economic, cultural and political achievement of women. Today, we also want to celebrate you and your achievements. You’ve led our organization with a vision and aim for impact, dismantling the status quo and providing a pathway for others to smash the glass ceiling. Techsploration was built on an idea and a belief that if you want to increase the number of women working in science, trades, and technology, you had to reach young women. Since 1998, and under your leadership, Techsploration has done just that.

Techsploration has resulted in the collaboration and commitment of a vast community of teachers, parents, Elders, role models, governments, industry, unions, and professional associations, all working together for a shared mission and vision. That vision was yours and you encouraged others to share it…19 years later and counting, that vision continues to evolve and expand. It’s part of your legacy.

We know you don’t like being front and centre, but we think it’s important for others to know just how important your dedication and commitment to excellence has been for Techsploration. The list of your achievements and inherently those of Techsploration is long, so here are just a few of the highlights from the past 19 years:

  • Since 1998, Techsploration has tripled the number of schools involved
  • the Women in Action web video series went global
  • and, most importantly, thousands of girls, along with hundreds of role models, teachers, parents, and industry – have been empowered to know more about career opportunities and paths in science, trades, and technology

Techsploration has changed lives. It’s encouraged girls to take advanced math and science courses, to explore careers unheard of before our programs, and has even influenced girls to simply stay in school. Those achievements are also yours.

One of our first Techsploration alumnae from the original class of 1998, Margaret Davidson, said it best: “You have spent 20 years finding new ways to expand and make this program better for everyone it embraces, and finding new role models.  However, you never noticed the role model looking back in the mirror at you.  You have been a mentor to so many people without realizing it, including myself…You are Techsploration.”


That’s right, Tricia, you are Techsploration.


With our sincerest thanks,

The Techsploration Community