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Anniversary, Accomplishments & Annual Launch

It’s been an incredible year for Techsploration. Our 15th anniversary was truly a year or reflection, evaluation and change. Everything we planned, from the way we communicated to how we ran our events, we asked ourselves, “how can we do this even better?” Then, we did.

Important things are created or crushed with communications, so that is where we began.

coverLooking for a way to update our sponsors, Board and committee members, teachers, alumnae and other stakeholders, we created the community report.  Updated annually, this friendly report focuses on our accomplishments throughout the year, upcoming and ongoing projects, and provides the reader with a familiarity about our program and goals. It is available online and print copies are available upon request.

 We also started sending out an e-newsletter. About two to three times per month, we send out announcements about upcoming events, notifications about new feature stories and sponsor highlights on the website, and links to the newest Women In Action web videos. Keeping it short and simple, we include a line or two highlighting what’s happening and a link for more information—keeping people in the loop while providing the details they need.

These new e-newsletters proved effective this summer after helping drive a social media campaign that won Techsploration a $5,000 donation from the Mic Mac Mall. With the help of our readers, Techsploration received over 60 nominations on Facebook close to 700 likes.

As we set out to improve our communication, we wanted to focus particularly on our Alumnae. With 15 years of participants, we wanted to know if their participation in Techsploration helped them select a career in science, trades, or technology. For several months we searched for, surveyed and reconnected with our alumnae. The information we gathered is powerful; not only does it provide information about how to make program improvements, but proves that Techsploration works. The results of the survey can be found on pages 8 – 11 in our Community Report.

Continuing our focus, we also completely reconstructed the Techsplorer Alumnae Conference. Each year, the conference will rotate between the NSCC Waterfront and Akerley campuses to provide participants an opportunity to try out a wider selection of career options. This was our first year at the Waterfront Campus; alumnae had the opportunity to see a new location, experiment in new workshops, explore the campus by participating in a campus wide scavenger hunt and spend twice as much time participating in hands-on workshops.

Now, as we prepare for the coming years, Techsploration has also engaged in preliminary planning for a project that has the potential to expand our reach exponentially as we continue to build our online presence. Although only in the beginning stages, Techsploration Goes Global is our next big project and will gradually roll out over the next five years.

You can hear the details of these expansive initiatives and exciting new projects at the Annual Launch on Friday, December 6, at the Old Ashburn Golf Club from 11:30 – 1:00. This celebration brings together Techsploration supporters to launch the program into an exciting new year. For event details or to RSVP, please contact Donna Woolley, Administrative Coordinator, at 491-4693.