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Career Videos a Success

The first phase of Techsploration’s Women in Action Web Video series is closing in on completion, with 26 videos available online, and another four either in final editing or production.

Sponsored by Encana Corporation, the videos explore diverse careers for women in science, trades and technology-related fields.  Since their launch in 2009, the videos have received thousands of hits—literally from across the globe!

Each video features a Techsploration role model who provides a two to three minute overview of her career. Among the featured careers are chemical engineers, forensic anthropologists, pipe fitters, and physicists.

The final installation of the phase one videos will be released by the end of March. The videos can be viewed in the Women in Action library on the Techsploration website, or on Techsploration’s YouTube channel.

The videos are finding success in Nova Scotia’s and Alberta’s classrooms as a way to introduce youth, male and female, to careers that they may not have thought were an option.

For phase two of the web video series, Techsploration has partnered with Women in Science and Engineering (WISE) Atlantic to produce an additional three videos per year for the next five years. The first video, already in production, features Tamara Franz-Odendaal, PhD, the WISE Atlantic Chair and Developmental Biologist at Mount Saint Vincent University in Halifax, NS.

The success of the videos speaks to the demand for relevant career resources for young women.  The continuation of the series, and the addition of 15 new videos under the partnership with WISE Atlantic; will help ensure Techsploration can reach out and demonstrate these career options in an interactive and meaningful way.