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Farewell Nicola!

This summer we had the absolute pleasure to have Nicola Scott, a smart, co-op student and female leader join the Techsploration team as a Resource Management Project Coordinator.  We were sad to see Nicola’s term end, but wish her the best of luck as she returns to classes this fall.  Nicola’s contributions to Techsploration this summer have laid the foundation for great work for years to come.

Special thanks to Emera Inc. for sponsoring Nicola’s work term with us through the Dalhousie University C3 Mentoring Program as well as to Dalhousie University for implementing this amazing program!

We asked Nicola to share her experience with us and below is what she shared:

“Working at Techsploration this summer has been one of the most amazing experiences of my life. When I started, I thought I had a fairly in-depth understanding of what Techsploration did for my community – turns out, I had no idea. I knew that Techsploration empowered young women to explore careers in science, trades and technology but what I didn’t realize was how Techsploration has a lasting effect on these young women.

Not only does Techsploration help young women explore different career paths, we also teach them valuable life lessons that will help them for years to come. At my first Techsplorer event this summer (and certainly not my last!) I watched the participants come together from all over the province and start sharing stories and getting to know one another. They sang songs, traded phone numbers and added each other on social media. In the span of an hour, over thirty girls became fast friends and proved to me that Techsploration teaches these girls about more than just careers- it teaches them how to develop authentic connections.

This summer I began working on a database project for Techsploration. I conducted a province-wide gap analysis of industries compared to representation and participation in the program.  I also identified potential role-models and sponsors across the province and across different sectors. Working with the team, I also researched, tested, and conducted a comparative analysis of a few database programs ensuring that the team has the information to move the project into the next phase.

I came to work at Techsploration through the Dalhousie University C3 Mentoring Program and through the generous sponsorship of Emera Inc. The C3 Mentoring Program gave me the opportunity to work for Techsploration as a non-profit organization while also having a corporate mentor through Emera. I got to learn about the non-profit world and private sector. Through the program, I was able to see how Techsploration’s young women benefitted from having a team mentor, while I was being mentored myself within two organizations.

I feel very lucky to have been able to work for such an amazing organization. My time at Techsploration as the Resource Management Project Coordinator has allowed me to develop my professional skills (including communication, relationship-building, and research), make long-lasting friendships and discover my passion for empowering women. Although my official time at Techsploration is finished – you haven’t seen the last of me! I know that I will be volunteering with Techsploration for many years to come!” 

~Nicola Scott

You can find info on the Dalhousie University C3 Mentoring program here and Emera Inc. here.