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Krista Lindsay, Apprentice Machining Student Shares Her Story

Krista Lindsay, a machinist and volunteer firefighter, shared her story with us during May’s Techsplorer event at  Saint Mary University’s and then to top it off she participated in our round robin sessions meeting 10+ school teams.  Here’s her story in her words:

“Believe it or not, when I was the age most of you are right now, I was painfully shy and not at all confident in myself or my abilities.  Speaking to someone I hadn’t known for long was terrifying, and speaking to a crowd was completely out of the question. That was all changed by the Options and Opportunities Program (O2) and the Youth Apprenticeship Program.  It was during grade 10 that I discovered machining through the O2 program and soon after, in grade 11, that I became Nova Scotia’s first female high school youth apprentice, after starting my career at a local machine shop. For the remainder of grade 11 and  through grade 12 I gained so much confidence in myself through my work experience and school activities. My mentors at work were absolutely wonderful and very patient with my lack of machining knowledge (I don’t know how they did it some days).  Since I had been working for the last 2 years of high school, when I graduated I was able to buy myself a graduation present and purchased my first home.  

Next I was on to college, and since I had started my apprenticeship so young I had already gained practical experience and machining was almost second nature. The following 2 years were spent refining my skills, learning new techniques, and becoming increasingly more comfortable in my own skin.  Machining quickly became a very important part of who I am.   I love the day to day challenges and that I’m always learning something new.  What am I up to now, 3 years after graduating college? With 14000 hours in the trade (6000 more than what’s needed), I’m back in school finishing my 4th block training and preparing to write my inter- provincial exam to become a red seal machinist. 

If you can take anything away from my story, let it be this: you have the ability to do absolutely anything you can dream of, don’t let anything (even yourself) ever discourage you from reaching your dreams.”