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Meet Stephanie Lummis

Stephanie Lummis doesn’t know where her career path would have led had she not met and been inspired by a mentor very early on. “She made me feel confident that I had something to offer and unafraid to share my ideas and expertise, even though I was quite young and in a male-dominated industry.”

The experience of being mentored was one of the reasons Stephanie joined Techsploration as a school team role model four years ago. “The most important things these young women need to learn, regardless of their career path, are leadership and problem solving skills. These things come with confidence. When I help young women gain confidence, I feel like I’ve repaid some of what my mentor gave me.”

Stephanie stumbled into her field by accident in 1995, when the Internet was in its infancy. Her first job was with an Internet Service Provider company that sold dial-up web accounts. At the time, she didn’t know what the internet was, but found it interesting.

She’s worked in web ever since; quickly evolving her experience in internet marketing to teaching a class for the first Internet Marketing Degree program in North America. The students were all marketing executives in their 40s and 50s from major companies. Stephanie was 24. During this time—the dot com boom—the company she worked for went public and her stock options enabled her to pay off her student loan.

Now as a Senior Business Analyst at ISL Web Marketing and Development in Halifax, Stephanie helps companies learn how to use the web to achieve their business objectives. She also creates internet marketing strategies and campaigns for clients using tools such as search engine optimization, email, pay-per-click ads, and social media. 

Stephanie has the career security many dream of; knowing that every company, regardless of the size, industry or location in the world, needs her skills in some capacity. “I love my work—it’s fast paced, always changing, and never boring,” she says, noting that it’s essential to keep pace with new trends and technology. “When I went to university, my job didn’t even exist. This is going to happen more and more, especially in the field of technology. There’s just a tremendous amount of potential.”