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Practice Makes Perfect

The NSCC Strait Area Campus Techsplorer Event is complete, but there are still two more left; next at Saint Mary’s University on May 8–9, and then at the NSCC Truro Campus on May 16–17. The remaining Techsplorers are putting the finishing details on their presentations about the careers of their assigned role models and are getting ready to deliver their research at Techsploration Goes to School.

Techsploration Goes to School events provide the opportunity for young women participating in the program to practice their presentation in front of a live audience; their classmates, teachers, and role model.

“This live rehearsal gives the Techsplorers a chance to work on memorization, learn how to use a microphone, and ask their role model for her assistance with information or props,” says Natasha Wall, Program Assistant at Techsploration. “It’s important because the next time they deliver this presentation, it will be for a much larger audience and they will be judged for their preparation, creativity, and public speaking skills.”

In addition to the presentation, at each Techsploration Goes to School event women working in science, trades, technical, and technology-related careers volunteer their time to set up stations with props, tools and information about their careers. After listening to the Techsploration team present about their role model, students break-out into smaller groups and participate in a round-robin, rotating through the stations to meet other role models, ask questions and participate in hands-on activities.

The variety of careers available to explore is huge; everything from carpentry to forensic anthropology, geophysics to power engineering, and pipefitting to architectural drafting. The wide selection of occupations ensures that students have the opportunity to not only learn about fields that interest them, but learn about careers they may not have previously heard about.

Young women and men, teachers and staff benefit from the opportunity to meet women working in today’s in-demand careers. Introducing students to these occupations not only sparks interest, but encourages students to keep studying math and science by showing them practical uses in everyday life and their future careers.

Grade nine girls throughout the province are invited to attend the upcoming Techsplorer Events at Saint Mary’s University and the NSCC Truro Campus, even if they do not go to a Techsploration school. For more details or to confirm your attendance, contact Donna Woolley, Administrative Coordinator, at 902-491-4693.