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Scholarship Deadlines Soon

Deadlines to apply for Techsploration scholarships are quickly approaching at the end of March. Don’t lose out by not applying because don’t think you qualify! If you attended a Techsploration school and have been accepted to a post-secondary institution this September, we want you to apply—even if you weren’t on a Techsploration team. Techsploration wants to reward young women who want to do anything and be anything—but you must apply.

In your application, we want to hear about your Techsploration experience; either on a Techsploration team, at a Techsploration Goes to School event, or a Techsploration Alumnae conference. If you did not participate in these activities, tell us how Techsploration has benefited students at your school. We would also like to hear about why you applied for the post-secondary program you will study this fall, what you hope to do after you graduate, and what kind of volunteer work you have done.

“There are so many in our school who do not have any idea what they will do when they graduate. Many people in my graduating class do not know and I did not either before I took this program,” says Rebecca Deagle, previous recipient of the Maritimes Energy Association Scholarship. “It is an asset to young women everywhere and I look forward to graduating… I would never have thought my application for Techsploration in Grade 9 would have brought me so far.”

This sentiment is shared by many of Techsploration’s scholarship recipients; many of whom have used their award to study and become tradespeople, scientists, and IT professionals.

This spring, Techsploration is pleased to offer two scholarships to Techsplorer Alumnae or female grade 12 students from participating Techsploration schools who are planning to pursue post-secondary education in science, trades, technical and technology-related careers in which women are under-represented.

One scholarship, valued at $1,500, is provided by The Maritimes Energy Association. The applicant must be accepted into a full-time post-secondary trades program. The application deadline for this opportunity is March 30, 2012. The second scholarship, provided by Saint Mary’s University, is a renewable $2,000 scholarship awarded to a student who is accepted into a Saint Mary’s University, Faculty of Science degree program as a full-time student. The application deadline for this scholarship is April 2, 2012.

Both of last year’s scholarship recipients, Olivia DeYoung and Tristan Brow, are working towards their dreams of a career in the environment at the University of New Brunswick and Saint Mary’s University, respectively.

More information about these opportunities, and many others, can be found on the scholarship section of the website. Later this year, Techsploration will offer an additional 15 scholarships in honour of our 15th anniversary. Check back this fall when more details about how to apply will be available.