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Techsploration Goes to Work

Beginning in February and continuing into spring, Techsploration school teams are meeting their role models and spending a day exploring their workplace, taking a hands-on approach to learning about science, trades and technology careers.

All school teams are assigned a role model; a women working in an in-demand career where women are underrepresented. This year’s role models’ careers range from forensic anthropologists and tug boat captains to app designers and helicopter mechanics. 

“We do our best to introduce Techsplorers to careers that may never have occurred to them,” says Arylene Reycraft, Program Manager at Techsploration. “That way, their career goals will never be limited to a specific few jobs.”

During their workplace visits, Techsplorers are able to test a variety of different jobs, while learning valuable information about education, prospects, and day-to-day life in that career. School teams have been able to learn how to identify the gender of a skeleton, try out welding or pipefitting, go up in a bucket truck, tour a laboratory, ride a tugboat, and even tour the Halifax Harbour from a helicopter.

After the Techsplorers have completed their workplace visit, they will create a presentation about their assigned career and deliver it to their peers at Techsploration Goes to School, and again at the Techsplorer Event. At both of these events, students are given the opportunity to meet other women working in a variety of careers and ask questions about her job, training, and experiences.

“Techsploration impacted me by making me realize that careers are not gender specific,” says Ashley Fairfax, a Completions Engineer at Shell Canada and a 2004 program participant. “Techsploration, along with my parents, encouraged me to chase whatever career I wanted, regardless of stereotypes.”

This year, Techsplorer Events are April 18 – 19 at the NSCC Strait Area Campus; May 9 – 10 at Saint Mary’s University; and May 15 – 16 at the NSCC Truro Campus. Grade nine girls throughout the province are invited to attend, even if they do not go to a Techsploration school. For more details or to confirm your attendance (mandatory), contact Donna Woolley, Administrative Coordinator, at 902-491-4693.