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Upcoming Techsplorer Events

Young women and their role models from across Nova Scotia will soon meet to learn from each other’s research into science, trades, technical and technology-related careers.

Over the past five months, school teams (young women in grade nine and their teacher) have been researching the career of an assigned role model in a science, trade or technology occupation. The teams met their role model, toured her workplace and began the research that formed the basis of a presentation they will share at the upcoming Techsplorer Events. These school teams will come together to deliver their presentations, meet dozens of other role models and participate in interactive workshops designed to enhance their skills in public speaking and internet awareness.

“It’s an exciting time of year,” says Arylene Reycraft, Techsploration Program Manager. “Throughout April and May there are over 40 events happening throughout the province. These three Techsplorer Events crown the program year and bring together about 600 girls, role models, teachers, chaperones and volunteers to share what they’ve learned.”

These two-day conferences allow young women the opportunity to learn about careers they may not have otherwise heard about—meeting women working in such in-demand careers as electrical engineering, project management, HVAC, oil and gas production, marine trades and many, many more. Participants are given the chance to interact with the role models and ask questions about their day-to-day life, education, training and experiences.

Beginning in Nova Scotia almost 15 years ago, the impact of the program is repeatedly realized as Techsploration now regularly sees program participants come full circle: from a grade nine Techsplorer to a Techsploration role model.

This year, Techsplorer Events are April 19 – 20 at the NSCC Strait Area Campus; May 8 – 9 at Saint Mary’s University; and May 16 – 17 at the NSCC Truro Campus. Grade nine girls throughout the province are invited to attend, even if they do not go to a Techsploration school. For more details or to confirm your attendance, contact Donna Woolley, Administrative Coordinator, at 902-491-4693.