Become a Role Model

What’s it like to be a role model?

Team Role Model

If you love your career, share your enthusiasm and knowledge as a Techsploration team role model. Six-eight young women in grade nine, from our participating schools, join together as a Techsploration team. The team spends a day with their role model at her work, where the young women experience the environment and do hands-on activities to get a feel for the role model’s job.

The role model also attends the Techsploration Goes to School¬†event at her team’s school and participates in the Techsplorer Event in the spring.

Techsploration Goes to School Role Model

This half-day event allows students, teachers and staff to benefit from the Techsploration experience. The team role model and guest role models bring tools of their trade, pictures and examples of work and provide students with the opportunity to ask questions about their careers.

Techsploration Alumnae Conference

This is a one-day event that is a continuation of the Techsploration experience. Young women in grades 10 to 12, as well as guest school participants from schools throughout the province, meet more role models and participate in a variety of workshops.

I know the point of my being a Role Model/Mentor was for me to inspire as many young ladies as possible, but I truly believe it’s me who was inspired by everyone involved in this program. The staff, committee members, teachers, kids and other role models all impacted my life more than I could have ever imagined.–Jen Willis, Heavy Duty Equipment Technician

If you are interested in becoming a Techsploration role model, please contact us.