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Make an Impact

A commitment to Techsploration is a commitment to your community, diversity and the next generation of leaders.

Techsploration acts as a catalyst for ongoing community relationships – bringing together teachers, parents, elders, role models, educators, industry, government, unions and professional associations and continues to make a difference in the lives of hundreds of young women, their schools, families and communities.

Make an Impact

There are many different ways you can support Techsploration, such as providing:

    • Financial support: your donation will ensure the ongoing success and expansion of the program.
    • A female school team role model: the employer supports her participation by providing the time to attend events and covering the cost of travel and expenses.
    • A female “Techsploration Goes to School” role model:  the employer supports her participation by providing the time to attend this event and covering the cost of travel and expenses.
    • In-kind products or services
    • Participating and hosting meetings for a Techsploration committee.
    • Provide representatives to take part in Techsploration events — we invite you to attend our events throughout the year to see your contribution at work.

Click here for a downloadable version of How to be involved with Techsploration

To sign up as a sponsor, or for futher details, please contact us.

Why Should You Support Techsploration

There are many benefits to becoming a Techsploration sponsor. Here are just a few:

Contribute to Community
Techsploration offers you the opportunity to make a significant statement about your commitment to the communities in which you operate.

Address the Skills Shortage
We have a largely untapped resource in the young women of this country who represent 50% of the population. Techsploration offers young women the opportunity to explore career options in science, trades, and technology fields.

Commit to the Development of Young Talent
Your support demonstrates leadership in promoting education, training and youth initiatives that will enhance the development of our local workforce.

Commit to Diversity
Your participation demonstrates the value you hold for workplace diversity. Techsploration is a proven program that supports employment equity initiatives.

Be Recognized
You will be recognized in all promotional materials. Your logo will appear on the Techsploration poster and brochure, website, t- shirts, bags, promotional videos and all program materials distributed to teachers, role models, students and their parents. In addition, your name will be highlighted in a slideshow and an address at the Annual Launch, Alumnae Conference and Techsplorer Events.