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Techsploration Receives $5,000 from Mic Mac Mall

When nominations closed on August 28th, Mic Mac Mall had heard from approximately 20 organizations asking to be considered for the $5,000 donation to an organization that works toward empowering women. After reviewing submissions and the support each organization received from Mic Mac Mall’s customers, Techsploration has been named the recipient.

The $5,000 donation will be used to offset the costs associated with providing our program to Nova Scotia’s young women in grades nine through twelve. This could include everything from lunch and accommodations for the young women participating, event t-shirts, providing transportation for students to and from work-site visits and other events, or providing transportation to role models with intriguing careers to rural schools across the province.

We’d like to thank everyone who took the time to show us their support on Facebook, and of course, the Mic Mac Mall for their generous donation. We’d also like to take this opportunity to recognize all of the excellent organizations operating locally working toward the common goal of empowering young women in the many and varied forms that takes.

The official cheque presentation will take place Wednesday, September 4th, at 4:30 pm at the Winners entrance on the lower level of Mic Mac Mall. We invite all Techsploration participants, alumnae, and supporters alike to wear your Techsploration t-shirts and cheer us on.

About Techsploration

Techsploration provides young women from grades nine to twelve with opportunities to explore science, trades, and technology occupations, while creating awareness about the critical role of work in their lives. It also helps them understand the significance of high school math and science for their future careers.

Techsploration’s programming is simple. Young women in grade nine at participating schools write an essay to apply for their school’s Techsploration team. Once a team of six is selected, they are assigned a role model; a woman working in science, trades, or technology. The team researches her career, spends a day at her workplace, then writes a report and delivers a presentation or skit—first for their classmates at school then at a Techsplorer Event for other Techsploration teams across the province.

After the team has completed the program, they are invited back in grades 10, 11, and 12 for the Alumnae Conference, a one-day event where they have an opportunity to meet and speak with even more female role models.  In fact, if a young woman participates in every Techsploration event for which she is eligible throughout junior and senior high school, she will meet in excess of 125 role models working in science, trades, and technology. Additionally, Techsploration alumnae who have been accepted into college or university programs in our targeted fields are eligible to apply for scholarships provided through the generosity of our sponsors.

Techsploration works with young women from rural schools, a variety of academic backgrounds, Aboriginal communities, African-Nova Scotian groups, and other ethnic and culturally-diverse backgrounds. We aim to inspire young women to stay in school and assist them on their path to long-term, successful careers.

Recently, Techsploration was able to complete our Alumnae Tracking Project. We reviewed 15 years of records, connected with many of past participants and surveyed them about their careers and the impact Techsploration had on their lives. The results were phenomenal and can be found in the attached Community Report. We’re very proud to have been able to positively influence the lives of so many young women throughout Nova Scotia.

If you have any questions about our program, please peruse our website, check out our Community Report or contact Teri Sproul, Communication Coordinator at teri.sproul@techsploration.ca or 1-902-491-3535.