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Techsploration exists because of the support of our partners and the generosity of our valued sponsors.

“Sponsors should know that Techsploration changes lives. As a Techsploration alumna, I can tell you first hand that the program made a huge difference in my life and the lives of others and I don’t just mean the girls who are on the Techsploration teams. I mean their families, their school and their entire communities. Techsploration has been able to touch so many people over the years. THANK YOU.”–Mya Carter, Techsplorer, Duncan MacMillan High School


Techsploration, a not-for-profit organization, is a joint initiative of:



Techsploration is proudly sponsored by:

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Irving Shipbuilding
Centre of Excellence

These sponsors provide financial support. In addition, they offer the gift of role models, in-kind products, services and volunteers for our events and committees.