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Techsploration exists because of the support of our partners and the generosity of our valued sponsors.

Sponsors should know that Techsploration changes lives. As a Techsploration alumna, I can tell you first hand that the program made a huge difference in my life and the lives of others and I don’t just mean the girls who are on the Techsploration teams. I mean their families, their school and their entire communities. Techsploration has been able to touch so many people over the years. THANK YOU. Mya Carter, Techsplorer, Duncan MacMillan High School


Techsploration is a joint initiative with our Founding Program Partners:







Many thanks to our sponsors who provide financial support in addition to offering the gift of role models, in-kind products, services and volunteers for our events and committees. We would not exist without their generous contributions. Thank you.