Be a Role Model



Ready, set…inspire!

By introducing young women and non-binary youth to women working in science, engineering, trades, and technology careers, Techsploration is bridging the gap between skill shortages and skilled employees.

As one of our many enthusiastic role models, you can participate in a variety of ways, depending on the amount of time you wish to give. You could:

  • Become a Techsploration team role model, which requires a commitment of approximately 4 days in total, over the winter and early spring. The team of 6-8 students visits your workplace and interviews you. The team stages a presentation on your career at Techsploration Goes to School and at our popular Techsplorer Event.
  • Become a Techsploration Goes to School“guest role model” — this is a 2-hour commitment (excluding travel time) to participate in a round-robin session at a Techsploration school.
  • Participate in our annual day-long Techsplorer Alumnae Conference.

If you are not a Techsploration role model but would like to find out more, discover how you can become one by contacting us.