For Students

Welcome to Techsploration! We are thrilled to have you involved, or interested in becoming involved, in our program. We are confident your experience will be one of the most fun, rewarding, and inspiring times of your life (so far)!

The careers you’ll discover and the dynamic role models you’ll meet will open doors that may change your life. That is what we refer to as the: #powerinpossibilities. You can be anything you want to be…and our job is to show you the possibilities are endless!

If you have already participated in Techsploration in Grade 9, you are now considered Alumnae and we have designated a section of this website just for you.


How to Become Involved


There are 25 schools currently participating in Techsploration in Nova Scotia and PEI. If your school is listed and you would like to become involved, please talk to your Techsploration Team Teacher.

If your school isn’t currently involved in Techsploration, please ask your Guidance Counsellor to contact Techsploration.


Parents & Guardians

We wish to thank the parents or guardians of Techsploration team members for allowing us the opportunity to enhance the career guidance they are already providing their daughters. Parents or guardians are always welcome at Techsploration events. Please contact us with any questions and to find out how you can participate.


Statement of Respect

“Whenever Techsplorers and Techsplorer Alumnae come together, we will only accept words of welcome and friendship.”


Techsploration’s Statement of Respect, included above, is designed to remind all participants to be respectful, responsible, and to conduct themselves in a manner acceptable to those around them. Techsploration staff and volunteers are dedicated to providing a welcoming and safe environment in which all participants value and respect each other’s unique qualities and contributions.