Techsploration is thrilled to now accept donations! First announced in December of 2019, Techsploration has launched a fundraising partnership with the NSCC Foundation which enables Techsploration to accept charitable donations – a first for our organization!

Donations made through this partnership support Techsploration’s core programming and scholarships and bursaries for Techsploration alumnae who pursue trades and technology studies at NSCC.

Donations to Techsploration can be made on-line via the NSCC Foundation’s Online Portal. Please note in the comment section that your donation should go to Techsploration. We thank you for your generous support!



About NSCC Foundation – As a registered charity, we are focused on engaging donors and partners who are passionate about opening doors to education and harnessing support for student success. We want all those who invest in NSCC to be confident their generosity is having a positive impact on the lives of students and the future of Nova Scotia.