Techsplorer Event

March 27 - May 8

During the two-day Techsplorer Event, girls from across the province gather with their teachers, role models and invited guests to participate in exciting, interactive presentations and workshops.  This event reinforces and expands upon the information provided in the Techsploration team presentations and gives each girl the chance to meet even more role models.

All of the girls are actively involved in the team presentations. Along with providing information on their assigned career, the students introduce their role model, who responds to questions from the floor.

For those in the audience, it is an opportunity to witness the power of the program first-hand! Each year we hear about the creativity and confidence shown by these young women.

Important skills that can take decades to acquire are being honed in a supportive and encouraging environment.

Add to Calendar March 27 May 8 Canada/Atlantic Techsplorer Event The 3rd phase of our program, Techsploration hosts three Divisional Conferences known as Techsplorer Events each spring.
“The most important thing I learned from the Techsploration Program is that no matter who I am, I can be anything I want to be. I learned something from every role model, which I will take with me through life.”
– Krista Lee, Techsploration Alumna