Meet Yaj Suresh, our Newest Team Member!

Meet Yaj, the newest addition here at Techsploration! Yaj is a recent graduate from Dalhousie University with a major in Political Science and a minor in Environmental Sustainability. He is passionate about non-profits and joined us as a Program Assistant.

Prior to joining Techsploration, Yaj volunteered by helping refugee families integrate into the community by helping them find sports and recreation activities and completed a research internship at Inspiring Communities to better understand the various complex socioeconomic issues present throughout Nova Scotia such as low youth employment, substance abuse, and mental health issues.

Yaj likes to make the world a more inclusive place by helping young women explore careers in science, engineering, trades, and technology as they are underrepresented in these fields. In his free time, Yaj can be found riding a bike, watching educational documentaries, or reading a book.

Welcome to the team Yaj!