Techsploration Announces National Expansion Pilot and New Fundraising Initiative


Dartmouth, NS (Dec. 12, 2019) – Techsploration marked its 22nd anniversary and Annual Program Launch today with two major announcements: a national expansion pilot and a fundraising partnership with the Nova Scotia Community College (NSCC) Foundation. Both initiatives will enable the non-profit to increase its organizational capacity and impact in Nova Scotia and, now, across the country.


“With a wait-list of schools in Nova Scotia, a growing network of alumnae across the country, and multiple requests from other provincial jurisdictions to expand Techsploration programming beyond Nova Scotia, a strategic plan and operational commitment to expand nationally and increase alumnae support was put into action in 2018. Today’s announcements are a result of that plan and our commitment to grow both in Nova Scotia and beyond,” says Sherry Donovan, President, Techsploration Board of Directors.


Techsploration has received $319,620 in federal funding from Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) to deliver the pilot in 2020. Project details will be unveiled in mid-January with partner and sponsor organizations in both Nova Scotia and Ontario.


The fundraising partnership with the NSCC Foundation will enable Techsploration to accept charitable donations – a first for the organization. Fundraising efforts with this partnership will focus on supporting core programming and scholarships and bursaries for Techsploration alumnae who pursue trades and technology studies at NSCC.


“The NSCC Foundation is pleased to work with Techsploration to support more students on their Techsploration journey. Their unique and impactful program model is actively increasing the number of women pursuing studies and careers in science, engineering, trades, and technology-many of whom attend these programs at NSCC,” says Michelle Bussey, Executive Director, NSCC Foundation.


Thanks to the generosity of donors, partners and supporters, this partnership has already resulted in nearly $50,000 in contributions.




Emily Boucher – Manager, Communications and Strategic Partnerships
C: 902-817-6428




About Techsploration:
The goal of Techsploration is to increase the number of women working in science, engineering, trades, and technology-related occupations by assisting young women from diverse backgrounds to explore a wide range of career options in fields where women are significantly underrepresented. Our programming for young women in Grades 9 through 12 creates awareness about the role of work in their lives and helps them understand the significance of math and science for their future careers. Does the program work? Nearly 50% of our alumnae pursue careers in one of our four areas of focus!


Techsploration is a recipient of a 2017 NOW! Nova Scotia Good News Award and was recognized nationally with the 2018 Women in Communications and Technology Leadership Excellence Award for Empowerment.



About the NSCC Foundation

The NSCC Foundation is a registered charity and the philanthropic arm of Nova Scotia Community College. We are dedicated to improving access to education and helping students in financial need. With the support of the College, 100 per cent of all donations go directly to supporting students. We believe in NSCC’s Vision that we are “transforming Nova Scotia one learner at a time.”