NISHANT TOKAS - Team Member Profile

Introducing…the newest member of the Techsploration team – Nishant Tokas! Nishant is a third-year undergraduate student from Saint Mary’s University. He is currently pursuing his honours degree in Global Business Management and will be completing his fall co-op term with us as our new Communications and Marketing Coordinator.

Nishant is originally from Delhi, India, which is where he first fostered his passion for community service. He has always dreamt of making a difference and working alongside others who share a positive outlook on life. Nishant was the co-founder of “Yuva Shakti”, a youth initiative in India, which means “Power of the Youth”. His organization, in collaboration with a larger non-profit, provided education to underprivileged kids who could not afford to attend school, organized women empowerment sessions for young women in the community, initiated and monitored cleanliness campaigns every week to clean common community areas, and collected food and clothing donations for underprivileged people. Yuva Shakti was awarded and recognized for its excellent community service by the Minster of Home Affairs of India, and the organization remains active within the community. This experience has taught Nishant to always strive to do something unique and gave him the inspiration to carry on similar community work here in Canada.

Nishant is an active and long-time member of the Enactus group at Saint Mary’s. He is particularly proud to be part of one of the most successful programs initiated by Enactus: “Square Roots”. His expertise in marketing and communications has given him the opportunity to be the tech-savvy member of this group, but he also regularly volunteers on the frontline to distribute and collect food packages around the city.

As a member of the Techsploration team, Nishant is keen to promote in-demand careers to our program participants. In his free time, Nishant is involved in several sports activities, working on making new music, volunteering wherever possible, and loves to read religious texts.

Welcome to the team, Nishant!