Nishant's Next Chapter


Nishant Tokas, our incredible Communications and Marketing Coordinator, completed his Fall co-op term with us just before the holidays. Nishant will be missed, but we know he will excel in his next adventure (and he’ll always be a member of the Techsploration family)! Before Nishant’s last day, we took the opportunity to put him in the ‘interviewee’ seat and asked him to share his Techsploration experience with our community.


How would you describe your experience working with a non-profit like Techsploration?

This was my first-ever co-op job, and I’m so happy it was with Techsploration. The team was always very supportive, and I never felt left-out even while working remotely. The work that Techsploration does and the smiles it puts on the faces of the young women who participate in the program also made it a really joyful experience. My co-op term with Techsploration was completely worthwhile — I learned a great deal about how non-profits work in Canada and it really inspired me.


What skills or abilities did you develop most while working with Techsploration?

My co-op experience provided me with a lot of new learning curves. I was able to develop better communication and networking skills through online social media management, content creation, and community outreach. I gained an increased sense of professionalism and also honed my ability to work independently in a virtual/online environment.


What were the key take-aways from this co-op experience?

The team at Techsploration has taught me that no matter the size of your team, a good team can achieve anything (even in the midst of a global pandemic). Team-work was my main take-away from Techsploration.


What do you look forward to in 2021 and your next co-op adventure?

I am quite motivated after working with Techsploration, as we were able to push through these tough times in the midst of COVID-19. I plan to carry this motivation forward to my next placement and will continue to gain more experience. I plan to build on the skills I developed from this co-op experience to do well in my studies and career going forward.


Thanks for sharing this with us, Nishant. We wish you all the best in 2021!